Timberland Landscaping

About Us

Welcome to Timberland Landscaping, your premier landscaping service. We’re here to help you make the most of your outdoor space with our range of lawn care and garden services. 

Whether you need to install new turf, spruce up flower and garden beds, plant trees and hedges, or simply mow your lawn, you can count on us to do the job right. We specialize in providing monthly service to residential complexes and strata properties, so you can always rely on us to provide top-notch service in a timely manner. 

At Timberland Landscaping, our team of experienced landscapers has the knowledge and expertise to bring your outdoor oasis to life. With our new turf installations, we can create a beautiful lawn that’s sure to be the envy of your neighbors. We’ll help you choose the right grass and soil, as well as give you advice on the best way to care for your lawn. 

We also offer flower and garden bed installation services, so you can enjoy a vibrant display of color and texture in your outdoor space. If you’d like to add trees and hedges to your landscape, we can help you select the best varieties for your climate and soil type. We’ll also provide expert planting and pruning advice to ensure that your trees and hedges stay healthy and beautiful. 

Of course, regular lawn mowing is essential for keeping your outdoor space looking its best. Our team of professionals can mow, trim, and edge your lawn for a neat, orderly appearance. We also offer monthly service, so you can be sure your lawn is always in top condition. 

At Timberland Landscaping, we understand the unique needs of strata and residential complex properties, and we always strive to provide exceptional service and quality workmanship. Our team is committed to customer satisfaction, and we’ll go the extra mile to ensure you’re happy with the results. 

So if you’re looking for a reliable landscaping service in your area, look no further than Timberland Landscaping. Contact us today to get started on transforming your outdoor space into the oasis of your dreams.